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วันจันทร์ที่ 6 มกราคม พ.ศ. 2557

[J-Series] [SP] Lucky 7 2013 [ซับไทย]

เรื่องย่อ : The mission of Kitashinagawa Lucky Detective Agency this time is to unmask Kurihara Mizuki (Ishihara Satomi), the secretary of the genius economist, Professor Amano Koichi (Oikawa Mitsuhiro) who takes part in Amano’s management classes. Men involved with her are led down the path of destruction. Wakunaga Ryuzo (Hirata Mitsuru), the father of the agency’s client, Wakunaga Katsu (Nakamaru Yuichi), is one such person. He ran a long-established traditional Japanese confectionery shop but lost everything and has gone missing. In order to get close to Mizuki, Tokita Shuntaro (Matsumoto Jun) poses as a young, successful businessman and the second generation owner of a restaurant. Getting into the role of a celebrity, he attends a management class and approaches her. Shuntaro’s strategy is a brilliant success. In front of Shuntaro, Mizuki gives him good-natured, feminine smiles. Shuntaro even forgets his mission because he is mesmerized by her. The two of them fall in love. However, that is just the start of Mizuki’s trap. Shuntaro fails to protect the father of his client and endangers his life. Furious at Shuntaro’s performance, Nitta Teru (Eita) leaves the agency. Asahi Junpei (Oizumi Yo) is also in a detention cell because of the failed teamwork. Kitashinagawa Lucky Detective Agency is thrown into an unprecedented crisis. On the other hand is Professor Amano who is believed to be telling Mizuki what to do. He is suspected of all things including financial crimes, but even the police cannot get their hands on this crucial bit. In the midst of this, the lives of the vulnerable are endangered one after another because of Amano’s crimes. Fujisaki Toko (Matsushima Nanako) attempts to expose the real Amano in an attempt to resolve everything. She carries out a rule-breaking strategy in order to deal with this unusual white-collar criminal 

 บรรยายไทย QC : ZEROcenter
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